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It’s not all just Dental business, we also have like to post about our beachside community Kugenuma Kaigan.


Takahashi Dental and community news!

I found Takahashi Dental a few years ago and have been very pleased with their services and treatment. Last year I had made the decision to remove all of my metal fillings and replace them with ceramic. Dr. Takahashi was awesome! Painless and outstanding quality and I would recommend without question.

As a public person I have to take care of my health. Dr. Takahashi and his staff have been wonderful to me over the years. I have regular cleaning and yearly cosmetic treatments keeping my health first rate. A big THANK YOU to Takahashi Dental!

For many years I had difficulty finding a good dentist that could speak English. Because of this I would usually only get my teeth looked at when I travelled back to Czech Republic. After discovering Takahashi Dental my life changed for the better. Now I regularly visit the clinic for cleaning and maintaining good oral health. I recommend Takahashi Dental to all my friends!

Our second hearing impaired party!

The second meeting with my dental clinic staff and 5 hearing impaired people was held with lunch in September! The staff could learn various sign languages ​​from deaf people for about 3 hours and we had productive time. I really appreciate…

2019 Gerodontlogy Dentistry in Sendai

June 7th 2019 The Gerodontlogy Dentistry Association was held last weekend in Sendai. Several dentists participating in the conference came from Taiwan. My associate Dr Lee from Taiwan presented a poster presentation. Dr. Lee spoke English…

Hearing impaired patients party

Thursday, June 6 This year, we held the first party between hearing patients and the Takahashi Dental Clinic staff. We invited four of our hearing impaired patients and exchanged sign languages while having a party. Time flew, 2 hours…

Straumann of Switzerland Forum 2019

May 18 -19 I attended a Forum 2019 sponsored by Straumann of Switzerland, which has been in the implant treatment for about 20 years. From Lisbon University College of Dental Medicine (Portugul) Prof.Joao Carames gave a intretsting presentation. I…

Surprise! My new Olympian patient

The World Cup Sailing Tournament was held at Enoshima in September of last year. The athletes from each country stayed in Fujisawa and Kamakura city for about one month, and at that time, Dr.Francoise Broekhof chief doctor of the Dutch sailing…

Presented at Asia Association for Disability and Oral Health

I have presented a research poster at the 1st Asia Association for Disability and Oral Healh in Taiwan from April 12th through April 15th, 2019. About 300 dentists involved in medical care for people with disabilities from various Asian countries…

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